Go Locator is your family and safety


What was crucial for us while designing Go Locator was to make it user-friendly. And the focus of Go Locator is your family and safety. With this application, you can track your child going to the school or for a school trip. Track your family and be sure they are safe. Keep in sight the family who are important for you.

Automatically get notified when your family visit one of your favorite places. Create different circles for your children, babysitters and more. Create a circle with your family. Choose who to invite to your circle. Now everybody who has accepted your invitation is visible in your circle! It’s that easy.

We have developed a battery-friendly application with optimized location services so that using less battery power, you could have a better experience than the ones offered by other applications. We offer both a 7 days free trial period and in-app purchases that may require a specific charge to access additional features within. Our Premium version provides unlimited access to all features. The subscription packages we offer are as follows.

However, Subscriptions will automatically be renewed every month if you decide not to cancel your plan and continue to enjoy our Premium features. Free Version: With our free version of GoLocator, you can create a limited number of groups and add a limited number of people as family members to groups. However, in order to create groups and add people as family members to groups without any limits, you need to subscribe to our paid packages or start a free trial.

Trial Version: With the free trial version of the GoLocator app, you can have unlimited access to all the features of the app. After the end of the trial period, the package fee will be charged, and you will be upgraded to the paid version. You can cancel the free trial version from your Google Play account at any time during the trial period.


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