Picas is a free art photo filter & Editor


Picas has been featured twice on Play Store as Google editor’s choice. Picas is a free art photo filter & editor. It can turn every of your photo & picture into awesome artworks within 10s! With deep neural networks and artificial intelligence, Picas offers more than 100 amazing artistic filters and styles for enhancing photo & picture effects.

Picas for Android allows you to add a touch of artistry and imagination to your photo images. Easily turn your images into mini works of art with deep neural networks and artificial intelligence. It has more than 100 unusual artistic filters and styles to enhance your photos. Be an artist and create art with AI. Picas transforms photos, pictures and selfies into famous fine art paintings with the help of artificial intelligence and deep neural network algorithm.

Exclusive deep algorithm of portrait. We’ve improved the algorithm of facial recognition which will make perfect filtered portrait and selfie. It is very helpful for users who want enhance social media presence. Dozens of different filter styles like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, cartoon styles, sketches and many other filter styles including Harley Quinn, help you easily create amazing and gorgeous photo effects at your fingertips.

New filters and effects updated every week, including exclusive holiday filters, like Halloween and Christmas. Automatically help you crop your photo size suit your social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Picas allows you fine-tune the intensity of every filter, so you can choose the best effects. Picas also allows you create HD picture and image easily. Super easy and fast to use app with clean UI. Capture the world around you and turn them into fantastic works of art within 10s.


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